On The Issues

Adrienne envisions an economically strong California that will continue to lead the world with values that respect and protect all California residents. California is in a state of disarray and has been for quite some time. More and more of our residents are finding inequality and injustice at every turn. 

In Washington, the ideals of our country are being torn to shreds by an administration bent on creating an America we don’t recognize. Not only do we have to hold the line and defend our values, but we also have to explore new and daring approaches to the vast inequality and injustice plaguing our community.

Adrienne supports excellence in education from pre-school through college, Making college tuition free and debt free, universal and affordable health care, a living wage, fighting for affordable housing, gun violence prevention, income and wealth equality, protecting California’s natural resources, air and water through the use of renewable sources of energy, Caring for veterans and continually developing innovative measures to counter global warming and pollution.

Adrienne believes we draw strength from our diversity, and she believes that peace, justice, and security for all requires strong civil justice protections and an open and transparent government. Adrienne will defend California values that support all people’s hopes and dreams for a vibrant future.

Californians must decide if we continue to watch the decline of our middle class and the growing gap between the very rich and everyone else, or do we fight for a progressive economic agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment, creates affordable housing and provides health care for all?

We can no longer afford to be passive observers. It’s time for us to do the right thing and take back our future.

— Adrienne Nicole Edwards 



We are in the midst of a housing crisis. Rent has gone up 20% or more in parts of California, which has also suffered a net loss of over 5,000 rent stabilized apartments. [1] For middle-class and working families who are making between $30,000 and $80,000 a year, it’s becoming impossible to have a home to call their own. The major cities of the world have attracted a flurry of out-of-town (OOT) home buyers. Such capital inflows affect housing affordability, the spatial distribution of residents, construction, labor income, wealth, and ultimately welfare. We develop a spatial equilibrium model of a city with substantial heterogeneity among residents.(2)

Adrienne believes suitable housing is a right. To ease the rent burden and give families a future, Adrienne will fight for a program to combat our housing crisis:


Smart public funding for low-equity housing cooperatives

  • Local ownership
  • Low-equity cooperatives are the most effective way to provide our neighbors with ownership stake in our community.
  • By giving folks a chance to own, these cooperatives ensure that residents benefit from our community’s growth instead of being displaced by it.


Smart public investment

  • Washington D.C.’s Tenant Purchase Assistance Program found that it can be 60 times cheaper to help a tenant purchase a unit as part of a low-equity cooperative than it would be for U.S. Section 8 vouchers to pay that unit’s rent for 5 years.


Support for community land trusts

  • To negotiate deals in the public interest, our neighbors should be empowered to organize land trusts—community-led and publicly funded non-profits empowered to dispose of public land.
  • Too often, new housing developments in our community offer only a handful of affordable units in exchange for tax incentives that benefit luxury rentals.


Tax incentives to encourage local workforce development

  • The only way to ensure our neighbors benefit from new development is to guarantee that incomes rise with housing prices.
  • Developers and entrepreneurs who bring business into California must be encouraged to hire locally, offering quality careers to Californians in exchange for tax abatements.



Families in California are worried they’ll be torn apart by President Trump’s sweeping ICE raids. Adrienne supports California as a Sanctuary State in an effort to fight back at the unfair treatment and violation of human rights by the Trump Administration. Adrienne believes that all people deserve fair treatment and equal protection by the government! To fight back, Adrienne will strongly advocate for:


  • Pathway to citizenship for all refugees in the U.S.;
  • A stop to the current inhumane deportation regime and elimination of private detention centers; and
  • Reforming visa programs to encourage skilled individuals and students to make America their home.



Growing up as an African-American female in a inner city neighborhood with prevalent social and economic issues, Adrienne understands personally the challenge of reforming the criminal justice system.


Adrienne is determined to bring equity to a system that treats people differently based on where they fall across racial and socioeconomic lines. Adrienne will work to reduce America’s prison population, which is both the world’s largest and composed disproportionately of low-income black and brown people. [3]


She will propose to:


  • Reform the bail system so pretrial detention is based on flight risk, not wealth;
  • Legalize, regulate, and tax marijuana to get non-violent offenders out of prison system; and
  • Re-enfranchise the 3.1 million Americans unable to vote despite completing prison terms.



Adrienne knows the importance of finding a job that pays a decent wage. As a Community Advocate and Housing Counselor She’s been helping folks on the margins of society attain economic self-sufficiency her entire career. We are most likely to stay in our neighborhoods if we own a share of the wealth that’s being created when new businesses or residential developments open.

That’s why Adrienne will advocate:

  • Funding to help establish worker-owned, cooperative small businesses in California;
  • Adoption of tax policies that encourage companies to share profits with employees; and
  • New businesses and developments in our state to hire locally.



America spends 250% more on healthcare than other rich countries do—even though Americans have a shorter life expectancy. [4,5] What’s more, women’s access to healthcare in America is under attack. Adrienne will:


  • Support Senator Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-All bill, which will put us on the path to single-payer healthcare system that is cheaper, better, and more just than what we have today; and
  • Fight back against President Trump’s assault on a woman’s right to choose by restoring Title X and ending the Global Gag Rule.



Growing up, Adrienne attended an underperforming public school. However, she was fortunate enough to earn a scholarship to a Historically Black College and University, an opportunity that opened many doors.


Not every child in California has an opportunity of that kind. Instead, many continue to pay a high price for going to underachieving schools. Compared to other states, California students rank poorly on performance measures. Over the last decade, California students have lagged significantly behind national standards. For example, California’s 4th and 8th grade students are in the bottom ten nationwide in both math and readingWe must do better. Just like every parent, Adrienne wants all of our children to go to great schools and does not believe a child’s ZIP code should determine the quality of his/her education.


To realize this vision, Adrienne will take a two-part approach. Adrienne will:


·      Provide federal support to scale up successful programs; and


·      Encourage the addition of high-quality schools.


Examples of successful programs include Every Student Succeeds Act(ESSA), a program here in California, and Career Academies, a nationwide model of vocational training for secondary schools. [6]


Adrienne will also support the addition of both public and charter schools, especially in communities that lack decent educational options. Some charters have not been effective, but the top performing ones have been able to improve the quality of education in general and bridge the socioeconomic and racial divide. However, charters must be held to the same standards as traditional schools and remain truly public institutions by working with students on both sides of the economic and racial divide.


In addition, Adrienne will advocate for the following ideas and work to secure federal funding to encourage states to pursue them:



  • Expanding early childhood education nationwide


  • Committing new federal funding to proven vocational “college” programs


College and Beyond

  • Eliminating community college tuition; and
  • Eliminating tuition at in-state public institutions.



With Obama-era climate measures under attack by the Trump administration, the time has come to push for serious change. Adrienne will pressure the national Democratic party to:


  • Embrace a progressive carbon tax that incorporates the full environmental cost of products into their prices;
  • End the enormous subsidies provided to fossil fuel companies; and
  • Increase federal funding to help climate-threatened counties construct mitigating infrastructure to help storm-threatened cities like Montecito in Santa Barbara County.



Adrienne wants guns off of our streets. she will take all the steps currently available to the Senate. She will submit legislation to:


  • Require a background check for 100% of gun sales so that those who are mentally ill or have been arrested for violent crimes (e.g., domestic abuse) cannot buy a gun;
  • Provide funding for the establishment of a national database of firearms because it’s shame that that doesn’t already exist.



Adrienne strongly supports federal funding to invest in new infrastructure, especially here in California. A top priority would be increased spending to support the Caltran’s Capital Improvement Program.


The leadership of the Democratic Party has called for $1 trillion of funding over 10 years. However, this can only be a start: the American Society of Civil Engineers has found that the 10-year funding shortfall is actually $2 trillion. [7]



Adrienne wants to push a statewide “Neighborhood Council” Initiative.  The Neighborhood council system is made up of everyday people like you, your family, and your neighbors. They represent residents who care about their community and who have a stake in the areas they represent. Adrienne currently serves on the Olympic Park Neighborhood Council and the Budget Advocates of Los Angeles. Adrienne feels that all 58 counties in California should have a neighborhood council system in place comprised of concerned citizens who give their time to the community. This would allow people to make a difference in their communities on the issues they care about most: crime, roads and streets, gangs and the economy. Neighborhood Council participants are empowered to advocate directly for real change in their communities.  Adrienne believes local engagement is important because no one understands a neighborhood better than the people who live, work and play there. Adrienne feels neighborhood councils are answering that need and strengthening democracy. She believes Neighborhood  Councils embrace and support the diversity of neighborhoods that comprise the community, Adrienne believes a state wide neighborhood council system would impact California greatly!


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